четверг 30. 11. 2023
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1. 12. 2023

Церковь Святого Николая на Староместской площади - концерты - Прага, билеты онлайн

This church was built from 1732 - 37 by K. I. Diezenhofer, the most famous architect of the high Prague Baroque. In the church you will find fresco paintings with themes from the life of St. Nicholas and a celebration of Benedictine saints with Old Testament scenes (small fields in the dome) which…

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MOZART DINNER - Dinner opera in Prague, билеты онлайн

MOZART DINNER в Праге-  Билеты Online.Musical ensemble, Amadeus Prague, is formed by two opera singers from Czech Opera Houses and instrumentalists from the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, brilliant Salzburg Chamber Soloists etc., who perform their art dressed in period costumes.…

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Image - Черный театр Прага - билеты онлайн

Sometimes it is difficult to be in the right place at the right time. But if you are sitting right now in the auditorium of the IMAGE theatre then you have succeeded. Welcome!Of course, not all the theatres are the same. Black theatre is different; the light is different and the dark is different.…

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Черный театр SRNEC в Праге - билеты онлайн

Первый черный театр в мире (основатель Иржи Srnec) в новых спектаклях в театре Бродвей в центре Праги. Билеты Online.…

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